Cindy Eisenstadt, Fine Art


Hi !  My name is Cindy Eisenstadt , I am a self taught Artist....I am sure you've heard that line a million times!! I have been an artist since a teenager. I have a degree in Graphic Arts and have been creating serious fine art and breaking all the 'rules'  for the last 8 years..  My subject matter is whatever I am in the mood to do .  I have been taking my own photograghs for my art  to use as a point of reference .  I have learned from experience that people like to hear a story to go with the makes it that much more special . I like variety and love colour and contrast, I am also addicted to designs, & patterns, I try to incorporate as much of these elements in my work as possible.  I love pushing the boundaries, and don't care to stay within the norm,,, I plan on conquering many different projects in my lifetime!! This is sort of a goal for me I suppose....there is just not enough time in the day to do all that I crave to do in art!   

'Rings of Life'

 Power Animals, painted on a cedar wood cut.

2616 - 'Steam Queen' Image

Retired C.N. Steam Locomotive.  location, Haliburton, Ontario,Canada, Pen & Ink

'Trees Breath Life'

Up cycled cabinet doors, hinged together.

Please note that not all images have been uploaded with the best quality resolution, more information is available upon request. 

CONTACT INFORMATION : Email address, [email protected],   [email protected] or 613-922-6335